KeepPriority .NET & KeepAffinity .NET

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How to Install? After download .zip file you need only extract it to some directory and run .exe. It will keep selected priority/processor affinity on selected process. After minimize it goes to SysTray and reside there. In case of exit it saves setting and after next start it automatically keeps saved setting for saved process name. If you want to start it already in SysTray use "-min" switch on command line.
I made it to keep new SETI@home client running under BOINC framework at desired priority/processor affinity because default is not enough for my computer configuration. I have lot of background processes running which are not so important in the time window when SETI@home client is running.


Last version: KeepPriority .NET: 1.0.1665.29856, KeepAffinity .NET: 1.0.1670.23489

Notes: This application is free, you can use it on your own, I'm not responsible for anything regarding of usage of this application.
This is beta version. If you found some bug, please report it to me by e-mail mentioned in About info or on this page.


.NET Framework

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Last updated: 27.01.2010